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Custom painted helmet

Under a mountain of gold coins
Sleeps the dragon Smaug:
Resting now his burning old joints
After this super short jog.

Those dwarves keep pestering him
For that Arkenstone or whatever,
While he’s trying to get slim
To find a ‘forever-home’ for ever.

He burns those calories, grills ’em good:
Lifts weights of gold just like he should;
Flexing his wings for all to admire,
Inside the mountain, where I see fire.

Flaming painted helmet

A custom painted flaming helm,
with a Lord of the Rings theme:
Painting on a helmet with oil paint is quite tricky as the paint takes forever to dry, and smudges easily. Though the plus side is that one can get some cool effects merging oil paint. A key satisfaction to painting on a spherical surface such as a helmet, is the various planes of symmetry that one can work with to keep the shapes and patterns in balance on all sides.

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