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When the snows fall
And the white winds blow,
Through shivered halls
And the crypt below

Winter is coming

When leaves turn to lace
In winter’s embrace,
The lone wolf dies
But the pack survives.

winter blossoms

The wolves awaken from their slumber
And as a pack go hunting,
For they are the knights of Summer
And winter is coming.

the pack survives

Inspired by the series ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ by George R. R. Martin, this helmet was hand-painted keeping the theme of winter and autumn, as set in Winterfell.
Fallen leaves in hues of red and grey adorn the sides of the helmet, with snowflakes suspended in motion.

There is a strong theme of duality in this design: one side white, one side black, with a pair of wolves as Yin & Yang. Care has been taken to keep the design symmetrical: in terms of colours and patterns alike.
On top we have a red and white design that can have varied representation. On one hand they could be considered to be multiple tails of the wolves, similar in concept to the 9-tailed fox of the Naruto manga series. A hidden source of chakra energy: to those that dare unlock them. They may also represent the dragons of Old Valyria, the might of House Targaryen.

Medium: Oil paint on helmet

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