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Mural at Mumbai Central

These Hawksbill sea-turtles,
A critically endangered lot:
Dodged fish nets like hurdles,
And somehow weren’t caught.

Painting of a Hawksbill sea turtle

A highly solitary creature,
They meet only to mate:
Their bio-fluorescent feature
Is a total click-bait.

Those plastic jellyfish are a pain
Yet all across the globe
These seek the corals that remain:
The reefs their sacred grove.

Mural series on platform 4

This painting of Hawksbill sea-turtles is part of a series of murals painted on platform 4 of Mumbai Central Local railway station. The turtles are depicted swimming through the ocean, dodging the various fishing nets, trying to figure out why that last jellyfish tasted so.. plastic.

Medium : Oil paint on wall.

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