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Star Wars

Custom Converse sneakers with X-Wing

Red Leader to Red 5
We’re going in.
Copy that, let’s look alive
R-2 ?! Execute Order 67

Star Wars TIE Fighter

Have you heard of the tragedy
Of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
He spent an eternity in meditation (allegedly)
Deciding between nachos and fries.

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter

These custom Star Wars themed Converse sneakers were painted using acrylic paint. We have an X-Wing on one, with a TIE Fighter on the other.

The nemesis to the X-Wing, the TIE Fighter is the primary light assault aircraft of the Imperial Navy. Known for its speed and maneuverability, they were fearsome in a dog-fight. These would be deployed in swarms from the Imperial Star Destroyers to swiftly take control of an area.
The X-Wing is the mainstay of the Rebel Alliance fighter wing, and has a hyperdrive reactor for long-range capabilities. It has room for an R-2 unit on top, as can be seen on closer inspection of the illustration.

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

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