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Horse sketch with colour-pencil

The first time I fell off a horse:
Bare-back riding, no saddle to sit up-
An idea sprang up, without any cause:
To tie my shoe laces, bereft of my stirrups.

The mare walked on, straight to the turn
As I struggled to reach down to my boot-
There I reached a point of no return:
My genius plan had come to fruit.

Sliding off after a moment’s pause,
Letting go of her mane that I had caught-
With newfound respect for gravitational laws,
Now I always tie a safety knot.

In this pencil sketch we have a prize-winning horse that has won numerous rosette’s, which it seems to be entangled in. The horse rears up, trying to break free from these frivolous ribbons which it cares not for: all it desires is its freedom.

Medium : Lead / Colour – pencil on paper

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